Sunday Shortcomings

Well there is a lot to be pissed off about this week.  The whole Rutgers basketball coach thing was absolutely horrible.  That guy should face some jail time for what he did to some of those kids.  As a coach, you should never throw a basketball at one of your players heads when they aren’t doing what you want them to do.  That isn’t right.  A good coach would go explain what he did wrong and try to get the player to do better the next time.  I don’t understand how he got away with doing this for so long.  As a player, I am a little surprised that coach didn’t get a punch thrown at him for the things he did to his players.  I have seen guys snap on a coach for much less.  Obviously, the coach had to be fired immediately and unfortunately for the Rutgers program I don’t think this is going to do anything to keep them out of the cellar of their conference for at least the next couple years!

Then we have the Auburn football program that has multiple investigations going on right now.  All involving the title team that everybody was sure was put together illegally and yet it took 2 years for anything to come out.  I don’t understand why that team wasn’t under 24 hour watch, because of Cam Newton and the other infractions that I know plenty of people were aware of when it was happening.  Now the program is under investigation for paying it’s players (big surprise), altering grades, and the failed drug tests of several players that didn’t lead to any suspensions.  The drug known as “spice” was apparently very relevant to the national championship team.  As many as 18 players tested positive for the drug, but multiple reports have said that most likely half of the team was using the drug.  I am not going to follow this story very closely unless the NCAA decided not to strip the team of it’s national title and Cam Newton of his Heisman.  If both of those things don’t happen, I am going to boycott College Football because then it will be completely confirmed that the SEC can do no wrong.

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