Transition Saturday

My Strange Sports Facts Saturday post is going to take a little break and in the meantime I have to decide just do whatever feels right for when I am writing.  This week I wanted to mention 3 players who either have declared for the NBA draft or haven’t made mention of what they are doing yet and decide whether it is a good choice.

#3 Cody Zeller/Victor Oladipo

Being that I am in Bloomington right now this is the talk of the town and I couldn’t just mention one without the other.  I think that the decision was made by both of them together to forgo college and enter the draft.  I think it would have been beneficial for both of them to stay one more year.   Zeller didn’t do much to improve this past season and while he is still a solid Lottery pick, he could have made himself the #1 pick next season.  It will be good for him to get drafted in the late lottery by a team who doesn’t need him to be dominant from day 1.  Oladipo made huge strides this season.  He became a better shooter which was the one place he was surely struggling.  I still think another season would have benefitted him.  Oladipo still is immensely raw and not quite ready to play in the NBA.

#2 Jamaal Franklin

The San Diego State prospect has the size and athleticism to play at the NBA level.  He has been on the radar of NBA teams for 2 years now and I know that his numbers this season may not have been quite as good as last years, but he still produced.  The kid has talent and while he is most likely a late first round pick I think he can become a future All-Star in the NBA.  He, like former SDSU player Kawhi Leonard, needs to find the right team and he will be just fine.  Look for great things from him.

#1 Shabazz Muhammad

I love UCLA and I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back, but just make the jump Shabazz. Mid-season he was considered the potential #1 overall pick.  He is still wildly talented and will go very early in the draft, but a few things hurt him (his age, behavior, too one-dimensional).  If I were an NBA general manager though, I wouldn’t mind taking him with my pick.  He is all but guaranteed to be as good as James Harden with solid coaching and being in the right system.  He is a strong, lefty, slasher, with surprisingly good range.  Isn’t that exactly what Harden was coming into the draft?  Good luck Shabazz.

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