Sunday Shortcomings

I have one big gripe for this week.  I don’t really know if I have a problem with the actual act or if I just don’t really like when it happens, but I am getting a little tired of the baseball brawls.  On Thursday, Zack Greinke of the Dodgers plunked Carlos Quentin of the Padres on a 3-2 count.  I know that sometimes pitchers intentionally throw at batters, but not with a count like that during a 2-1 game.  Quentin didn’t even second guess his decision to charge the mound and go right at Greinke.  The awesome part was what ensued after that.  The best part of a baseball brawl is that there are so many people involved.  27 players plus coaches from two teams equals what usually turns out to be a pretty good battle.  Sometimes you see coaches get too involved and that can turn things ugly, but for the most part they are very funny to watch.  Quentin charged the mound like freight train and went to tackle Greinke who lowered his shoulder to absorb the blow.  Both players hit and bounced off one another.  It was pretty crazy to see actually.  The problem is that the hit broke Greinke’s collar bone and now he is done for a while.  The biggest problem with the baseball brawl is the injuries that come from the brawl.  Nobody wants to see one of their star pitchers go down during a brawl.  That shouldn’t be part of the game.  Unfortunately, pitchers will continue to throw at hitters and hitters will continue to charge the mound.   Better be ready for a war as a pitcher.

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