Sunday Shortcomings

I am really getting angry at all these high school rankings systems.  I know that we have become a sporting world that wants to scout kids from the time they are born, but come on people these rankings are almost pointless.  The reason that we rank each player is so that we can rank each recruiting class, so that we can rank each team before the season starts, so that we can rank how good or bad a team has done throughout the season based on their preseason ranking.  I am all for scouting a player, but we need to do away with the rankings.  They are all but pointless and in no way guarantee success at the next level.    If anything, they give these kids a claim to fame before they have done anything.  We are making high school athletes into celebrities before they step onto any college court.  You want to know why so many kids are “one and done” players at the college level.  Look no further than how they are ranked.

I continue to be annoyed by football.  Like right now as I am writing this I am looking at and noticing that there is something wrong.  It’s baseball season and the NBA playoffs are starting tomorrow and yet the first thing you see on the front page of ESPN is that the NFL schedule has been released.  Seriously!!!!  Football season doesn’t start for like 3 or 4 months and yet it is still getting more publicity than sporting events going on right now.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a country that didn’t have football so I could stay away from all these moronic fans who don’t know anything about sports, but hey football is cool.  One day I will petition the government or ESPN and every other sporting outlet to create a month, like April, where no sporting news can cover anything about football.  I think that would be swell.

I almost ended this post with that last football rant, but I just happened to see this other thing a minute ago.  A Chicago Bulls fan is suing Derrick Rose for missing the 2012-13 NBA season saying that it caused him emotional stress and led him to a mental breakdown that could have led to some obesity issues.  Are you FU***NG kidding me!  The kid is recovering from an ACL injury and has done nothing but amazing things for that franchise and you are trying to pull off this crap on him.  I can’t believe people these days, they will make up whatever excuse they can to try to get some monetary gain out of it.  This is just plain ridiculous.  I am beyond furious right now.  Somebody should talk to this so called “Bulls fan” and tell him he needs to be committed.  Not file a lawsuit against an injured basketball player!

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