Sunday Shortcomings

What is with this new, “Fan phones in a violation that a golfer made” thing?  The other day Sergio Garcia was caught doing something allegedly illegal on the golf course and a fan from their own home called and tried to warn the PGA.  This is the second time in the last couple weeks that this has happened.  At the Masters Tiger Woods was done in by a fan for moving his ball back two feet on a drop.  Fans around the world need to stick with what they are good at… Watching games.  Leave the rest to the athletes and the people on the PGA who are paid to deal with this sort of thing.  Sergio was cleared of any wrong doing, showing that people just need to keep their mouths shut and stop assuming that everyone is trying to cheat.  Thank You!

I am tired of athletes getting paid so much… I don’t really have anything to add to that, but I am really just tired of it.  They are playing a sport, not doing something worthy of this kind of money.  I will stop there before I get really angry.


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