You Have To Respect…

I am the first person to say that I really dislike Lebron James.  I think at times he seems like an entitled A-hole.  Sometimes he will do something to change my mind, but then he is right back at it doing the same things that make him seem entitled.  I will give Lebron James one thing though, he is a damn good basketball player.  I don’t think there has ever been a player in the league who has his ability and size.  Most people don’t realize how big he actually is.  He is like a freight train going up against a bunch of “little engines that could.”  I will give him props for winning his fourth MVP title this past week and while I feel like the amount of injuries to stars on other teams in the NBA almost guarantees another Heat title, I am trying not to be bitter about it.  It won’t last long, but congrats Lebron on a second NBA title.  It has been gift wrapped for you by the NBA… Enjoy!


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