Sunday Shortcomings

Tiger Woods and the drop controversy.  Why is there such a drop controversy in the first place?  I am sick and tired of these dumb accusations.  His playing partner signed off on the fact that he dropped his ball in the right place after hitting it in the water.  That should be the end of this needless story.  Now, people are coming out saying that the drop was not legal and Tiger should be disqualified and his win should be stricken from the history books.  How about all of you that think that go… I am going to stay calm here.  This is the second drop controversy in as many tournaments for Woods and not to mention the whole Sergio fight thing from last week as well.  All of the sudden everybody is trying to make Tiger into a cheater… on the golf course that is.  I, for one, don’t think that Tiger is out there to cheat.  I think he is doing what he thinks he can do.  Why has this all of the sudden been an issue?  I feel like if he has been dropping his ball the same way his whole career, why hasn’t it been noticed before as some kind of issue?  The whole thing sounds fishy to me.  I think there are just those people out there that just want to see Tiger fail miserably.  That shouldn’t happen.  Tiger Woods is one of the greatest Athletes to ever live.  And I don’t just mean golfer.  We are all lucky to have seen such greatness for such a long period of time.  I don’t want to see Tiger win every week out there, but it is always better when he is contention.  The excitement factor is much higher when golfers are trying to fight off Tiger and the rest of the field.  So, to all you negative Nancy and Ned’s, y’all need to leave Tiger alone for a minute and let him do his thing.  After his career is over, then you can attack him with your stupidity.

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