Taco Tuesday

Being that I am back in California I thought today would be a great day to talk about Taco Tuesday.  What is taco Tuesday?  That doesn’t really matter.  Just know it involves eating tacos on Tuesday at a discounted price, hopefully.  Wait?  This is a sports blog not a food blog.  Alright how about let’s talk about the MLB, NBA, NHL signing a deal with a decent Mexican food restaurant and starting a Taco Tuesday at Tuesday games.  I think that would bring in more and more fans.  I mean, who doesn’t love tacos?  Well, if you don’t there is something really wrong with you.



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2 Responses to Taco Tuesday

  1. Phillip Mobley says:

    Here’s some info for the narrator of this blog….the Heat are playing for survival, the Spurs are playing like they want another championship.Maybe you teams that have never repeated any kind of championship will understand how difficult it is. Hey Miami wake up…..teams are not going to lay down for you because you have a couple of good players. You have to defend that title to be called a great organization.YAP ! I’m a Laker fan a great organization and true champions! And you Miami fans out there…be prepared Lebron will be a Laker in 2015 so he can hang his jersey next to greatness at retirement. P.S. How’s the weather in The Midwest Nephew….signed uncle California, The west is the best…!

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