Sunday Shortcomings

I am back from my vacation hiatus with a few fun annoyances.

Where else to start than with the Miami Heat.  After they are given game 1, by a less than stellar final 2.2 seconds.  The Heat were nearly given game 2 by the refs and probably the NBA.  Near the end of the game Dwyane Wade elbowed Lance Stephenson in the head for no reason other than to elbow him in the head running down the court.  There was no foul call, no game stoppage, no nothing.  Just a player obviously elbowing a player on purpose and getting away with it.  Assuming the NBA does bring justice to this play, which they won’t, the Heat are getting away with more and more every game.  How are teams supposed to compete 5 on 5+refs+the entire NBA front office.

Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods’ Beef is getting out of hand and this is what I have to say about it…. Get over it!


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