So I came across this picture the other day and laughed well… A lot!  Lebron James was fined 5,000 dollars for flopping (yeah more flop talk).  Now 5,000  dollars is a ton of money to you and me, but to him that is about as much as he spends at the dollar store every week.  Apparently at a Las Vegas bar a couple of years ago Lebron picked up the tab for a small gathering he had.  Here was the damage.  Pay close attention to how much the tax is, it’s more than twice the amount of his flopping fine


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2 Responses to Ummmm….

  1. Kevin says:

    That receipt is not even cool. At first I thought it was for $15,000 and was already like wow, then realized he spend $59,000 on Cristal. What is wrong with our professional athlete system that this is a party possibility.

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