One More For The Road….

One other player decided to hang up the BBALL shoes this past week.  Jason Kidd was probably a top 5 career point guard.  Even when he was in the late stages of his career he was still putting up numbers.  One of those guys who never put up crazy scoring numbers, but he still made sure to have an impact on the game.  A triple-double machine not seen since Magic Johnson and the 3rd most 3-point field goals in NBA History.  Thanks Jason!

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4 Responses to One More For The Road….

  1. Leanne says:

    With all these retirements, I think there’s finally room for a Mobley in the NBA! What do ya say, Al?

  2. Kevin says:

    Aren’t the Bobcats a NBDL team? At least you would get to play with Josh McRoberts, Kemba Walker, Janero Pargo and DeSagana Diop. Also, Kidd looks so weird with his flattop.

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