Sunday Shortcomings

Is it just me or did everybody else think the whole PED thing was done in baseball?  I thought for sure that we ended that whole fiasco about 5 years ago.  Apparently I was wrong because just about every day now I am reading about another player who has tested positive for some crazy buffalo-deer-gopher-spray that does who knows what.  And A-Rod just needs to retire before his entire career is wiped from the record books.  Is there any integrity in athletes anymore?  I feel like the only reason anybody wants to be become a professional athlete is for the money and fame.  What happen to playing for the love of the game?  Is there anybody left in any major sport who literally plays because they love the game?  If there is I would like to meet them.

I also have more to say about the NFL.  It sucks.  Oh that’s write I say that all the time.  Oh well.  I can’t hear it enough.  The NFL sucks!


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One Response to Sunday Shortcomings

  1. Kevin says:

    “Oh that’s write I say that all the time.” I think you meant “Oh, that is right I write that all the time.”

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