Everybody Is “Too Nice”

So in the past couple days a few NBA or past NBA players have been calling certain other NBA players “Too Nice”.  At first, I was wondering what the big problem of being too nice was and then I remembered that in the sporting world there is being nice and there is winning games.  Chauncey Billups started us off the other day by saying that he thought Blake Griffin may be too nice.  I think that is a fair assessment.  The guy seems like a nice human being.  He doesn’t really have that killer instinct and I think that shows up in his game.   Then Shaq said that he thought Dwight Howard was too nice.  That is an obvious assessment that just about anybody could and already has made.  Dwight is way too nice and that is why he will never be a winner.  Unless they get to play with somebody who can make up for their niceness with an extra excessive mean streak.  Think Dennis Rodman mixed with Ron Artest from his “Malice in the Palace” days.  That is the kind of player that a nice guy needs opposite of him.  I don’t think there is anyone quite like that in the NBA these days so it is gonna be hard for these two guys to ever really be winners.  But, I just thought I would point out that fact that being a good guy is not a bad thing.  And I am glad there are still good people in sports.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that at all.


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