The 2nd of July

Isn’t July the best month for Sports!  There is all that Basket… I mean there is all that Foot… I mean there is all that Hock…. I mean there is all that Baseball going on.  I love baseball season.  I love baseball season so much that I can’t wait for the end every year, because that means it’s basketball season again.

I do enjoy baseball a lot.  It is my second favorite sport and while I tend to rag on it a bit.  I love baseball season.  I love the beer, brats, babes, and more booze that can be taken in at a baseball game.  It’s glorious.  But, watching baseball on television just isn’t the same as the live game.  It’s much like golf in that regard.  Don’t believe me?  Seriously, go watch a pro golfer play.  It is incredible.

Is it October yet?  Is Dwight Howard on a team yet?  Please tell me that the Lakers have signed some solid role players or another big time name?  Has UCLA basketball generated some buzz?  Anything basketball related happened?  Okay, wake me again with this happens.


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