The Wrath of Bobby Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla was a pretty solid baseball player during his heyday.  I remember watching him play for the Mets and other teams during his career.  Alas, it was his time on the Mets that he did the most damage.  Not on the baseball field, but on the wallets of Mets ownership.  That trend is continuing today and will continue until 2035.  How could a guy who has been retired for quite a few years now still be collecting a paycheck from the New York Mets.  Following the 1999 season Bonilla chose to defer the rest of his nearly 6 million dollar contract with 8 percent interest.  He then started collecting that money in 2011, which came in the amount of nearly 1.2 million dollars, annually every July 1st and will continue to collect until 2035.  That means that he is going to to be getting a steady paycheck in baseball over nearly 5 decades.  Which athletes can claim that?  None, I am assuming.  Dumb Mets!


Oh hey it’s 4th of July.  Cool!

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2 Responses to The Wrath of Bobby Bonilla

  1. Leanne says:

    That sounds like a sweet deal. Where do I sign up?

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