Sunday Shortcomings

I am here to set the record straight.  Freddie Freeman definitely deserved the All-Star nod over Yasiel Puig.  For one time they got it right.  Puig has been incredible, but one month of good baseball does not an All-Star make. Thank you for finally getting one right there.

Is anyone else tired of all the “expert” predictions for things.  First of all, what makes you an expert?  Thinking that you know something and being wrong more than half of the time does not make you an expert.  It makes you as good as the idiot who writes a blog for fun (two thumbs pointed at this guy).  I think all the ESPN, Fox, whatever else so called experts need to come up with a better name for what they actually are.

Not a whole lot else going on this week.  Baseball, baseball and more baseball.  That’s all!

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