Steroids In Baseball

The steroid era is over in baseball, allegedly.  I am not going to assume that steroids won’t be a part of just about any professional sport.  I feel like every year there are a few cases of people cheating to get an advantage.  Now, Ryan Braun has some explaining to do about his recent confession of steroid use.  This is the second time that he has been suspended and it is going to be near impossible for him to rebuild his image and gain any respect back in MLB.

I have heard a few rumblings lately about a way to completely get rid of steroid use, well at least hopefully.  Don’t allow somebody to test positive 3 times before they are kicked out of baseball forever.  The first time they use steroids they should get a ban for life.  Some people will say this isn’t fair, but isn’t taking steroids unfair.  Last I checked, it was illegal and also against about a thousand rules.   So why is there any leniency for those who fail these drug tests?  I am okay with banning a player for life after failing a steroid test.  It’s not like anybody takes those who fail a test seriously after they return anyways. Just ask A-fraud, Barry Bonds, and now Ryan Braun.  Sorry Fellas, shouldn’t have tried to cheat.


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