Sunday Shortcomings

Just wanted to give a shout out to UCLA football for being ranked in the AP top 25 pre-season poll.  And on top of that they are ranked ahead of USC.  Yes!!!

All of the #ranking are getting a little out of hand.  #NBArank #BestbyPosition #bestoutfit #bestdrunkquote. This is getting a little outta hand.  Everybody wants to add there two cents, but really nobody knows where people should be ranked until they are on the court or field playing.  I have always been annoyed with the 6th and 7th grade football and basketball players being ranked.  Some of these kids haven’t even hit puberty yet and here they are being ranked.  Why?  Are we really in need of seeing who the best pre-pubescent place kicker is?  No. Who cares!  Let them get to be juniors in high school and then they can be judged and ranked.  Until then, let these kids be kids!

Unknown This is the top 7th grader from about 10 years ago.  Does anybody even know his name?  It’s Demetrius Walker.  And he had a spread in Sports Illustrated a long time ago.  Where is he now?  Transferring from D-1 program to D-1 program to see who will play him.

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