Just Admit It…

We finally got Ryan Braun to admit that he used PED’s and has finally started the process of rehabbing his image.  It’s going to be a long road back, but it will happen.  Tons of athletes have come back from worse.  My problem with all of this is in the apology and whatnot.  I am so sick and tired of all these guys going up to a podium and reading some lame ass apology that is trying to say all the right things.  Nobody wants to offend anybody with these writing works of art, but I just think they suck.  Just one time, I want a guy to go up to that podium and look into the eyes of those he has wronged and say, “Yeah, I did it.  I didn’t mean for anybody to get hurt along the way.  I was being selfish and not thinking of anyone else.  I am sorry for the lies and constant negligence.  I hope that some day in the future I can regain your trust.”  That’s all!  Just stand up for what you did and own it.  Don’t give me some long, drawn out, bull crap!  Say it and then prove that you can once again be trusted.



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One Response to Just Admit It…

  1. mobleygang says:

    or they could be truthful, “I did not think I would be caught.”

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