Since Football Season Starts Soon…

Let’s talk about some basketball.  I could care less about the NFL at this point.  I will watch games and follow along, but it is really just because I have to get my sports fix.  Otherwise I will go crazy and nobody wants that.  Anyways, the Lakers Jordan Hill thinks the Lakers are good enough to get the 3 seed in the West.  I don’t disagree or agree with that statement.  I think they still have talent to compete for a playoff spot, but I think the 7 or 8 seed is more likely.  I think they will have a better record this year though.  Last season was way too similar to the end of the Shaq era Lakers who couldn’t keep it together.  This years team doesn’t have the egos and just wants to go out and play.  Go Lakers


One more thing.  These top NBA players need to stop giving there top 3 or starting 5 or whatever.  It’s sparking all this controversy for no reason.  The “greatest of all time” is an opinion and everyone is free to give their opinion.  Stop condemning these guys for picking players they really liked.

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