Just A Little…

I gotta talk about football just a little here, but for good reason.  Did anyone else notice during the Denver-Baltimore game the other night who had the most TD receptions?  Julius Thomas would be that man.  Who is Julius Thomas you might ask and why do I care about who he is?  Thomas is an ex-Portland State basketball player who has found his way onto an NFL roster.  He joins a pretty solid list of Tight Ends in the past decade or so that have made the jump from decent D-1 talent to NFL star.  Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham are two that come to mind.  I want to ask you how many NBA players were football stars who fizzled out in their own sport and decided to give basketball a try?  Having a tough time coming up with one… that’s because there really isn’t one athlete like that.  Nate Robinson comes closest, but he was still good enough for the NFL he just chose to play basketball instead.  If anyone wants to know who the best athletes are in the world.  Don’t look any further than basketball players.  They are so talented that they can pick up a football one day and the next be leading the NFL in TD receptions.


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2 Responses to Just A Little…

  1. mobleygang says:

    Where is the Hot Girl of the Month?

  2. Alex says:

    hell if i know

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