The Unhappy NFL’ers

It somewhat makes me happy to see all these players and coaches get fined and suspended over the littlest things.  It means that the NFL is going to become a boring, washed up league in about 10 years.  No longer will players make tackles, but two hand touch will be the preferred method.  No longer will lineman be 6’6″ and 300+ lbs.  They will be 200 pound beer bellied stock brokers.  The NFL fining department is getting it’s play.  I think something like 10 players have already been fined for “illegal hits” this season.  Last I checked we are only two games in?  That can’t be right.  Oh yes it is.  The NFL is going to disband in less than 20 years.  Simply because athletes will no longer be able to do anything they are paid to do.  Instead, they will be fined for making contact with another player.  I guess safety is a big issue.  But, don’t ask the players that are playing no if they care about safety.  Ask them in 20 years when they are having major health issues.


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