Manic Monday

Here’s a few things that I learned this weekend.

Stanford is good at football.  They may not play like Oregon and put up 80 points a game, but they will be tough to beat.  They remind me of all those SEC teams that have won national titles lately.  Fear the Tree

Dwight Howard needs to shut the hell up and play basketball.  The last few years have seen Howard become the ultimate diva in the NBA.  Taking more hatred than Lebron did for “the decision”.  Every report seems to be about Dwight telling another NBA legend that he isn’t stupid or whatnot.  Shut up Dwight.  Play basketball and prove that you can win.

The US team in the President’s cup looked like they were having a whole lot of fun.  Which is nice to see, but nobody really cares.  If the President’s cup ended would anyone notice?

Baseball is still relevant. Yay!

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