Sunday Shortcomings

Bill Russell was arrested the other day.  Leave it to a Celtic to bring a gun to the airport.  Come on Bill.  This isn’t the 60s anymore where having a gun on a flight was no big deal.  Damn Celtics think they can do whatever they want.

The Clippers have decided to cover up Lakers title banners during their home games.  Covering them up doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  Remember that when you guys lose in the first round of the playoffs again this year.

Brendel Chamblee, a former golfer and current analyst is being sued by Tiger Woods.  Why you ask?  Chamblee gave Tiger an “F” grade for this past season saying that he is a cheater among other things.  Tiger may be a lot of things off the course, but I have never once considered him a cheater on it.

John Calipari.  Shut up.  That is all.

Josh Huff from the University of Oregon football team had his party canceled by the NCAA.  The reason.  Huff was trying to charge admission into his party.  Don’t know what’s worse.  The NCAA canceling the party or the fact that he was charging people to get into his party.  BYOB anyone?

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