The Kobe Questions

A few things I saw the past couple days regarding Kobe Bryant.  I am going to answer the questions and you can let me know if I am wrong.

Is Kobe the most over-paid player in the NBA?

Yes.  Though, he deserves to be paid.  I think he needs to take a pay cut.

Is Kobe’s career over after this achilles injury?

No.  He may be old, but he is in as good of shape as anyone in the NBA.

Does missing the beginning of the season mean the Lakers are doomed without Kobe?

No.  It gives the other guys a chance to prove they can play and means Kobe could be rested come playoff time.


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2 Responses to The Kobe Questions

  1. russell mobley says:

    kobe is overpaid, but so is every other player in the NBA. Kobe achilles will slow him down, but he has proved his game is more than just atheticism. The Lakers will not make the playoffs with or without Kobe.

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