Sunday Shortcomings

Through 3 games the Lakers have looked like, well, inconsistent.  Are they the team that beat the Clippers opening night and then played very well against the Spurs.  Or are they the team that got destroyed by the Warriors.  It’s tough to say at this point which team they actually are, but I am surprised so far with their play.  Pleasantly surprised actually. I thought for sure they wouldn’t get a win until today against the Hawks.  Exceeding my expectations already.  That’s good.

The Heat have the same record as the Lakers and everyone is already concerned about their play.  I am not however.  They still have Lebron and last I checked that guy is pretty good.  Relax Heat lovers, you will be alright.  At least until Lebron bails next offseason.

Is football season over yet?

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2 Responses to Sunday Shortcomings

  1. russell mobley says:

    Still don’t think they’ll make the play-offs

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