The BCS Sucks

I, for one, couldn’t be happier that this is the last season of the BCS.  I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it feel like they always get something wrong.  Make that a lot of things wrong?  With 7 teams still left undefeated and not one of them playing against the other.  This seems like it could be a year in which we have at least 5 of those teams go undefeated.  How do you keep a team like Oregon or Baylor out of the Championship game even though they are undefeated in very difficult conferences.

Oh that’s right they are too far West for anyone to pay attention to them.  Last I checked, BCS didn’t stand for “We only take the best from the East”.  Alas, that is just what seems to happen.  Alabama and Florida State both deserve a shot, but if they and Oregon all finish the regular season undefeated and Oregon is the odd team out.  I will be thoroughly  convinced that there is a bias in those computers as well as in the media.


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