The “HA”zing

With all this controversy over what’s going on with the Miami Dolphins, it’s tough to see the lighter side of hazing. I know that hazing is not something that should be happening, but sometimes the acts are quite funny.
I have no problem with full grown men telling their rookie counterparts that they need to wear a Justin Bieber backpack to a game or dress up as spiderman before a game. It’s part of the team camaraderie.

I don’t condone anything beyond that however and I have always thought some of the hazing techniques used are quite uncalled for. I don’t think hazing will be any issue in the near future following this totally blown out of proportion scandal, but I will miss the Dora the Explorer backpacks

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2 Responses to The “HA”zing

  1. russell mobley says:

    I concur

  2. mobleygang says:

    It is all about the spirit is done in. Laughing together or getting laughed at.

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