Sunday Shortcomings

If you haven’t heard of Batkid yet then here is your chance to read the article and get some sense of how amazing people can be. Much respect to the city of San Francisco for doing there best to make a kids wish come true.,0,3735507.story#axzz2kp6v2EKl

I think this whole Matt Barnes N-word fiasco is a little bit much. Not only are people blowing things out of proportion when white people use it, but now they are doing the same thing when African-Americans use it? I am a little confused at this whole story. I don’t think anybody should be using the word, but Barnes has every right to use whatever language he pleases. One of these days that word will have a completely different meaning than it does today. And I assume everyone will be able to speak it without consequence.

Anybody else see that UCLA game on Friday night? Remember how I was talking about how good Miles Jack is? Yeah, 4 rushing tds just made him the premier running back for the Bruins moving forward. Also, he is going to be an All-American Linebacker soon.

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