The Boy Who Cried “Points”

I don’t know if you have heard of Jack Taylor. If you haven’t, he is a basketball player at Grinnell College and he scored 138 points in a game last year. Last I checked that just isn’t funny. Oh yeah he put up like 100 shots in that game, but who cares about that.

Well he is at it again. Through two games this season the kid is averaging 90 points a game. Yeah that is a 9 followed by a 0. Not a misprint. He put up 71 in the season opener and followed that with a 109 point outing. I understand that these numbers seem like video game stats and thats because they are.

These point totals mean nothing. I am sick and tired of this guy getting so much attention for being able to make 50% of his shots. He shouldn’t be taking 48 three’s in a game. He shouldn’t be attempting 100 shots in a game. This isn’t basketball. Watch 5 minutes of one of Grinnell College’s games and you will think you were watching a layup drill.

College basketball doesn’t need a guy that can put up shots. My 80-something year old grandparents could do that. They need to put a stop to this somehow. But, it’s not really possible. You can’t tell a team to play defense. You can just sit back and watch as records are broken in the worst way.

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2 Responses to The Boy Who Cried “Points”

  1. russell mobley says:

    I agree that’s alot of shots, but the team did score 173, so someone else did score.My big complaint with this would be does anybody on that team know what defense is.

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