It’s kinda scary that all 4 remaining undefeated “Major” conference teams could go undefeated. I don’t think that would be good for the sport. At least not this year. So much controversy would follow that. Not to mention the fact that if Oregon wins out, they may pass both Baylor and Ohio State in the standings. It’s a tad farfetched to think that may happen, but stranger things have happened in the BCS era.

All 4 top teams have at least one tough road game coming up in the next few weeks. I think Alabama is the most likely to lose. The way Auburn has been playing well and especially well at home. Florida State and Ohio State play Florida and Michigan, respectively, but I don’t really count those as really tough games. Rivalry games do mean strange things can happen. Baylor has 3 rather tough games. At OK State and then home against TCU and Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a loss in there somewhere.

What does this all mean? It means Oregon still has an outside shot at the title game. In the final season of the BCS it wouldn’t be right to have all things end up perfectly. Here’s hoping for a Baylor-Oregon title game. Who wouldn’t want to see 150 points put up in a game.

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4 Responses to The BCS

  1. russell mobley says:

    Face it , it’s going to be Alabama and Florida State. Pac 12 beat up on each other.

  2. Julie Mobley says:

    RM doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Alabama and Florida State? UCLA all the way!

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