Coaches Gone Crazy

The other day Jason Kidd tried to steal a timeout by having one of his own players bump into him.  It kinda worked?  Well, not really, but it did create quite the controversy over whether or not the bump was on purpose.  I like to think that it was.  He was then fined by the NBA for the incident and what will forever be known as the worst attempt at calling a timeout since Chris Webber in the NCAA title game all those years ago.

Then on Thursday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin decided to step into the way of Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones to prevent a touchdown.  Jones saw the coach who had his back turned, but was still watching on the big screen, and slowed down.  He was eventually tackled and no flags were thrown.  The Ravens were not happy.  Mike Tomlin should have been credited with the tackle.  When asked about it he said he didn’t realize where he was on the field.  Seems a little bogus to me.

Finally, we got USC basketball coach Andy Enfield who has been running his mouth ever since he got to town.  Also, who hasn’t done much with what he considered the best team in town.  Enfield and UTEP coach Tim Floyd got into it in the Bahamas at a press conference.  As well as many other coaches from the two schools.  It was kinda finny if you have seen it.  Anyways, Enfield needs to stop talking and start coaching.   That USC team you have there isn’t going to win many games.  You might want to worry about that first.


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