UCLA Brewin’

UCLA basketball is off to a great start.  I am not afraid to mention that they haven’t played anybody all that tough.  Other than that opening game against an apparently very pesky Drexel team.  However, this seasons Bruins are much better than last seasons and as good a Bruins team as I have seen since the final four years.

The reason, they have top tier talent, depth, and they all seem to get along.  Chemistry is always a huge issue on any sports team and this season UCLA seems to be getting along swimmingly.  The schedule will get more difficult in the near future as Missouri and Duke are on the Horizon.

Kyle Anderson is a triple double machine, even though he has just one.  Jordan Adams is instant offense and getting better on defense.  Zach Lavine is playing out of his mind as the sixth man.  Norman Powell gets lost in the shuffle, but is the best perimeter defender on the team.  And the front court has the Wears who are solid, Tony Parker who fouls everyone and Wannah Bail who could be productive as the season wears on.

That all leads me to believe that this team has a chance to do big things.  I won’t get my hopes up too high until they play somebody, but it’s a start.

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3 Responses to UCLA Brewin’

  1. russell mobley says:

    could be a sweet 16 team

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