Sunday Shortcomings

Kobe’s making his season debut tonight.  I might actually watch my first Laker game of the season.  Not really because of Kobe’s return, but because it’s the first game I have really had a chance to watch.  Kobe can help the Lakers and I think he will make them better.  However, they aren’t going to all of the sudden be a Championship contender.  I am still hoping for a playoff appearance though.

What the hell is going on this baseball offseason?  I feel like some teams are wildly overpaying for these players.  Cano got 220-something million?  I would have maxed out at 150.  Ellsbury got 100-something million.   I would have never passed 80 on that guy.  Do these teams think before spending all this money?   I don’t think so.

How bad is the Eastern Conference in the NBA right now.  All but 3 teams are over .500.  That’s not very good.  By comparison there are 11 teams in the west over .500 right now.  The Lakers are 10-9 and would be the 3 seed in the East.  How bad does the East have to get before the NBA realizes that we need to have the top 16 teams in the playoffs.  Who cares about location.  Maybe another 8 teams with 50 wins in the West will make it happen?  Doubtful.


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