The Big Game

Today is a big day for UCLA basketball.  They travel to MSG to take on Duke.  It’s only their second real test of the season and.  It shall be interesting to see what they have learned in the past few weeks since they lost at Missouri.

This Duke team features the best Freshman in the country in Jabari Parker and two other standout guards Rodney Hood and Quinn Cook. Much like UCLA they don’t have a lot of big men who do anything productive.  Which is why I think this should a great game.  Two teams who focus on backcourt play and like to score lots and lots of points.

UCLA is the most efficient scoring team in the country and Duke is somewhere in the top 20 as well.  It should be a high scoring affair that will see Duke lose it’s 3rd game of the season and UCLA pick up it’s first big win of the season.  86-80.

Go Bruins!!!


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4 Responses to The Big Game

  1. mobleygang says:

    Yeah, this is a big one. Early gauge of how this new high scoring UCLA mentality will work. Should be a good one.

  2. russell mobley says:

    Should be a great game. I see a little lower scoring game. Remember defense wins big games.
    UCLA 71 DUKE 65

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