Top 5 Teams

Let’s do our own little Top 5 College Basketball teams.  The BCI Poll is much more effective than the AP or Coaches or ESPN polls.

#5 Wichita State

They continue to be a sleeper for no reason.  This team has talent.  I don’t know if they can make another final 4 run, but stranger things have happened.

#4 Louisville

They have yet to play anybody except North Carolina whom they lost to.  But, they are the defending Champs and I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

#3 Syracuse

Have yet to see them play, but that is because they have beaten a bunch of lack luster teams and have yet to leave home.  I don’t think this will be a top 5 all that long.

#2 Wisconsin

Big win over Florida and they absolutely have more offensive talent this year than in the past.  The defense will be there.  I don’t think they will ascend to the top of college basketball, but they will be an annoyance for anyone who plays them.

#1 Arizona

I don’t see a loss on their schedule until they play UCLA at Pauley on the 9th of January.  If they get past that test, they could be undefeated come Tournament time.  Big wins over Duke and a surprising San Diego State team will benefit them in the long run.

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