The Eve

Leading up to one of the best days of (NBA) basketball all year, let’s look at the top teams and players in what I like to call what has happened in the NBA this season?  Catchy right?

Kevin Love is a beast!  He continues to improve his already gaudy numbers and if only he could carry his underachieving team into the playoffs, the MVP trophy will be his.  I keep harping on that, but it is amazing to see how well he is playing this season.

The Pacers are good, but they will still struggle against the Heat.  Closing out games has been a big issue for this Pacers team.  Against the Heat a week or so ago, they had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter only to give it up and lose.  They need to find that finishing prowess and close out big games.

The West is an absolute bloodbath.  There are possibly 12 or 13 teams that have a shot at a playoffs and if they were in the East, they would all be top teams.  Alas, they are in the West were brutal play and electrifying teams reign.  The playoffs will be amazing.

Kobe Bryant hasn’t missed an All-Star game since his second season in the league.  In fact, he has started in every game since then.  Even though he is not playing, he still leads all Western Conference players in votes so don’t expect him not to play if he is healthy.


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