Drug Use And The Hall Of Fame

In every sport the highest honor that can be placed upon you is to be named to the Hall of Fame.  That means that you played at the top of your game for your entire career and did so with honor and respect for the game.

We have hit that spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame where all of the “Steroid Era” Players are starting to become eligible for the Hall.  What do you do with a player who has all the numbers, but was linked to some steroid investigation?  What of the players who played during this era, but were never linked to any steroids?  Is there legacy tarnished.

According to some of the voters for the Hall of Fame, if you played in the Steroid Era you have no shot at being in the Hall.  That seems a little harsh, but can you disrespect their reasons?  It’s tough to say that anyone was clean during those years and the numbers that they put up reflect the use of an illegal substance.  Therefore, they cheated and should not be able to be amongst the elite.

For me, Pete Rose should be in and all of these steroid users would be out.  Rose famously bet on his own games, but allegedly never against himself.  Cheating doesn’t have a place in sports and neither should drug use.

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