What’s Wrong With This?

For the longest time I felt there was good reason to defend why America is the best Country in the World, but that pride in America is slipping almost every day.  And it’s because of stories like this.

There is a little league baseball coach in California, of course it had to be California, that is suing one of his own players for accidentally hitting him in the achilles with his helmet following a walk off hit.  The kid through his helmet in the air and it hit the guy on the achilles which somehow tore his achilles.  I didn’t get the full store, but whatever there it is.

This coach is seeking 500,000 dollars in damages as well as another 100,00 dollars for medical bills and whatever else.  Is that crazy or is it just me?

What is wrong with people when they can’t even avoid being sued in little league baseball?  This kid is 14 years old and was so excited that he had a game winning hit that he tossed his helmet in the air.  Last I checked that isn’t a crime.

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2 Responses to What’s Wrong With This?

  1. russell mobley says:

    This only happens in America, land of the lazy.

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