NBA All Star Game

The NBA All-Star teams are all set and I have a few issues with who got selected.  So let’s trade out some players and add in some new and improved players.

Bye Joe Johnson, Hello Kyle Lowry

Joe Johnson has had by all accounts a pretty poor year.  The issue is that he has been hurt and has produced so little when he is on the court that all of his averages are down from his career numbers.  So why is he in the All-Star game?  Oh, that’s right the east is terrible and couldn’t fill out an entire roster.  Kyle Lowry has clearly had the better season and yet he got snubbed.  Maybe, because the East doesn’t have a SG outside of D-Wade.

Bye Dirk Nowitzki, Hello Anthony Davis

Dirk is having a special year, I will give him that.  He isn’t showing the signs of aging all that much.  Mostly because his game is suited to playing with no athleticism.  Anthony Davis however has had a much better first half of the year.  Davis is leading that Pelicans team that has been hit over and over by injury.

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One Response to NBA All Star Game

  1. russell mobley says:

    I don’t even know who is on the all-star team.

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