Loss Angeles Lakers

Oh wait, they aren’t the losers in this one.  Did anyone see what happened in Cleveland on Wednesday night?  Probably not many, as it was a game between two teams who are absolutely terrible at this point in the season.

A little used rule was put into effect as the Lakers Robert Sacre fouled out of the game, but had to stay in because the Lakers had nobody to replace him.  Apparently there have to be 5 players on the floor at all times for both teams.  Also, if he were to have picked up another foul it would have been a technical, and it would have been a technical for each additional foul called on him.

Somehow the Lakers set a team record with 18 3’s hit during the game and won by 11.  They dominated the game from the outset and made the Cavs look like an even worse team than many thought.

Oh and here is what Chris Kaman was doing


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2 Responses to Loss Angeles Lakers

  1. russell mobley says:

    That was as crazy a win as any I have ever seen for the Lakers.

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