No, Just No

There is an article on Bleacher Report right now called, Is Anthony Davis already better than Kevin Love?  First of all, that is a wildly incorrect statement.  Secondly, the two are completely different players.  Love is a scoring and rebounding machine who has become a better passer in half court play.  Davis is a much, much, much better defensive player and all but a pick and roll option on offense.  So why did this article upset me so much?

As I was reading through they were making a case for both players and had some decent points, but last I checked Kevin Love is a top 3 MVP candidate and Anthony Davis isn’t yet an All-Star.  That may not be a good enough reason, but watch the two teams play and see the difference in talent at this point in their careers.

One big thing that really is upsetting me is that they said that Anthony Davis is an elite defender because of his blocked shots.  While shot blocking is a nice asset to have in your defensive grab bag, it should not be the sole reason you are an elite defender.  Most of the time blocking a shot involves either being beat on defense and having to hustle back to make up for the mistake or coming off the weak side to protect the rim.  Neither of those reasons make me think, “What a great defender”

A great defender gets down in his stance and stops his opponent from making any progress towards the rim.  He must be in his opponents face from the opening tip-off until the buzzer sounds.  Making scoring something of a prize when you make it happen.  A blocked shot or a steal can mean good anticipation, but not necessarily a good defender.  True basketball players will realize this.

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4 Responses to No, Just No

  1. mobleygang says:

    Thank you. Blocks are great in a weak side help situation, but in an on-ball setting it means you were out of position. Plus, if you do not keep it in bounds you give the ball right back to the offense.

  2. Julie Mobley says:

    Someone taught you well. Good defense has nothing to do with shot blocking.

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