The Bubble

Tis the season for the bubble.  Who is on the outside looking in to the NCAA tourney?  Who is holding on to those last few spots.  Let’s look at a few teams and decide whether or not they will make it.

Oklahoma State

They have been in a tailspin since Big 12 play started and it’s only gotten worse since Marcus Smart was suspended. This team needs to right the ship now or be out of the tourney by weeks end.


A strangely upsetting season for a team that had a lot of promise when the year started.  They have been up and down, but let’s expect that they finish out strong.  A win against Gonzaga on Thursday would be a huge help.

San Diego State

They are a lock for the tournament, but they could be a #1 seed if they win out and get some help from some other teams.  SDSU has some very impressive wins this season and none more so than the win at Kansas.  Watch out for the Aztecs.

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