The (New) Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is still the Number 1 player in the world.  At least until the end of this weekend.  So why is everyone so down on his game?  He hasn’t looked like the same Tiger so far this season.  Of course, that includes a DNF last week because of an injury.


That’s the one thing that has kept him from returning to peak form.  Achilles, Knee, Back, Brain maybe, who knows what else.  At 38 years old he is nearing the end of his monumental career.

Can he ever return to what he once was?  Probably not, but he can still catch Jack Nicklaus.  I think the one thing he needs to do is relax a little.  He looks so uptight on the course now and he already looked up tight back in the day when he was unstoppable on the course.

I think he will hit 20 majors with his win at the 2018 PGA championship.  That means he has to win 6 of the next 20 majors.  A huge task to accomplish but if any golfer can do it, I am not going to doubt Sir Eldrick.

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2 Responses to The (New) Tiger Woods

  1. Julie Mobley says:

    Life caught up to Tiger. It’s all of the outsude things, wife, children, mistresses,injuries, age, they all catch up to you.

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