Game Day

Who is gonna make it to the Elite 8 today?  Let’s make some guesses.

Florida vs. UCLA

UCLA is playing as well as anyone in the country right now.  Here’s hoping that this run turns into a magical one.  UCLA 80-72

Dayton vs. Stanford

Stanford has won two huge games.  Dayton has as well, but there combined victory margin of 3 points hurts them in this game.  Stanford 68-66.

Baylor vs. Wisconsin

Baylor hasn’t played one close game yet.  Wisconsin has size and athletes to match Baylor.  Something has to give.  Wisconsin 74-70.

Arizona vs. San Diego State

What might be the most interesting game of the day.  These teams have played once before, a game that Arizona won.  This game should be close but the Wildcats take over down the stretch.  Arizona 64-58.

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2 Responses to Game Day

  1. mobleygang says:

    I agree with your predictions, but if Scott Drew can get Isaiah Austin to take the game serious Wisconsin could be the first team to see Austin’s potential. It is unlikely though and Baylor will lose and Austin will be the next Kwame Brown, potential but not real success. After all, you can not teach height.

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