Final Four

Can we have some kind of rules violation and see all 4 teams forfeit the title?  If I had to choose a champion, I would like to see Wisconsin win.  I extremely dislike Kentucky and Florida and Connecticut is on that next line of dislikeness.

If it’s a Kentucky vs. Florida championship game, I might just boycott the whole game.

That being said, if I were a betting man I would say that it will be Wisconsin vs. Florida.  Wisconsin’s size and maturity will win out again the “can’t be killed Cats”.  Florida is just better than Connecticut.  Shabazz Napier is a hell of a good player, but he is not as good as Kemba was a few years ago for the Huskies.  And that UCONN team isn’t nearly as good either.

So a rather exciting game between Florida and Wisconsin should be on the horizon.  Wisconsin has a decent shot in this one, but I think the they already beat the one team that could have beaten Florida.  Florida 68-64.

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2 Responses to Final Four

  1. russell mobley says:

    Please let it be Wisconsin and UCONN. Another championship for Florida after beating UCLA would really suck.

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