Tiger Missing The Masters

I am not sure who this hurts more.. Tiger or the PGA Tour?  I know that the Masters tournament won’t be all that affected by Tiger’s absence, but what about all the other tournaments?  Tiger Woods is the #1 player in the world and while he will most likely never be as dominant as he once was, you have to believe that thousands, maybe even millions, of fans still want to see him out on the course.

This back injury thing should be corrected with the surgery, but he will need to make some changes once he gets back.  His swing, in particular, needs a complete overhaul.  He puts way to much pressure on his back and knees with his current turn.

I, for one, would like to see Tiger come back at tip top shape and challenge Jack Nicholas’ record for major won.  If anything, it makes for an interesting conversation about who was better or whatever.

Here’s hoping the most dominant golfer in the last 30 years a speedy recovery.


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