UCONN vs. Notre Dame

This game is probably going to be a little different than the men’s game.  I am assuming at least.  The men’s game starts in about 8 hours, but I think this game is going to be a blowout.  UCONN’s women’s team was supposed to be here all along.  They have blown past just about every opponent this season by about 30 points.

The intriguing thing is that the Notre Dame team they are playing is also undefeated.  Do you know the last time two teams met in the championship game who were both undefeated?  Yeah, it hasn’t happened.

However, UCONN is just a better team and I don’t expect this one to be all that close.

UCONN 78 Notre Dame 63

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2 Responses to UCONN vs. Notre Dame

  1. russell mobley says:

    calipari to the Lakers, please say no. Notre Dame in an upset 72-69

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