The “Gay” Flood Gates

Since Jason Collins made the announcement that he was a gay man a few months ago, slowly but surely more and more gay athletes are starting to come out of the closet.  Props to them, it has to be a hard move to tell all your friends and family and the world that you don’t follow what so many people still believe to be wrong.

Michael Sam followed in Collins footsteps by announcing before he was drafted into the NFL that he was a gay man and now we have the first D-1 basketball player to come out.

UMASS’s Derrick Gordon has come out and is now paving the way for more D-1 basketballers to come out.

I think that in the next few years more and more guys will come out and less and less people will give a s**t.  This is a huge step for people and it’s always nice to see the warm reactions from teammates and fans alike that prove that them being gay is no big deal.

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