Blown Out Of Proportion

For two straight nights baseball players looked a little foolish when they snapped on the field.

First, it was Curtis Granderson yelling at a fan for touching him after he caught a foul ball close to the wall.  This kind of thing happens all the time and yet somehow this was a big deal.  Get over it.  Granderson said that no unpleasantries where issued, but the kid got kicked out of the game and lost out on watching his Angels come back and win that game. I understand the need to protect players and safety and all that, but come on now.  It’s not like he ran out onto the field like a ja***ss.

Then, we had Jimmy Rollins hit a walk off home run and start yelling obscenities into the stands at a fan that was heckling him.  Where is your composure and decency.  Doesn’t hitting the home run shut up the heckler?  No need to yell at people in the stands.

Come on people!

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